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Members of the Western Youth Network (Red Juvenil del Occidente) denounce corruption as a root cause of emigration, as part of the #NoRobarás movement. La Entrada, Copán, Honduras, September 2021. Fieldwork image by Sylvia Darling.

Welcome to the Anthropology and Technology Lab (ATL) research group! We are a group of faculty and graduate students at the University of Michigan’s School of Information conducting research at the intersection of people, culture, and technology.

Drawing on anthropological methods and traditions, we work alongside communities that have often been overlooked by traditional research, policy, and/or design. Much of our work centers around the ways people interact with information communication technologies (ICTs), including social media, smartphones, computers, etc. as they grapple with infrastructural gaps.  As a whole, we seek to actively contribute to dismantling oppressive structures of power by working alongside individuals and communities, asking how we might imagine and bring about more just and liberatory futures.